Let's face it, we need all the help we can get in the sexy department. It's time to enlist the help of a puppy to increase our sexiness.

But, before we get too excited, a puppy can only help so much. So, if you are cheap or selfish you can have a truck full of puppies and it won't help.

If you are a cat lover, I promise I mean no disrespect but having a cat makes women a little less sexy.

This is according to Mypetsies.com. the sexiest pet to have if you're a man is a PUPPY.  People thought guys were 24% sexier when they were holding a puppy . . . 14% more trustworthy . . . 7% smarter . . . and 14% more attractive overall.

Once that puppy grows up, it won't have much of an effect though.  Small and medium dogs only made guys 3% sexier, and large dogs only gave them a 2% boost.  But overall, guys were seen as slightly more attractive with dogs than cats.

If you're a WOMAN, the sexiest pet to have is a MEDIUM-SIZED DOG.  They made women seem 7% sexier . . . 7% more trustworthy . . . 6% smarter . . . and 7% more attractive overall.

Posing with a cat actually made women slightly LESS sexy, and kittens basically had no effect.  Puppies gave women a 3% boost in sexiness . . . small dogs, 4% . . . and large dogs, 3%.

If you are out this weekend, I give you permission to use my most successful pick-up line....Hi! I'm Louie G and I love your puppies!

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