Who is your ideal mate? A new survey has gotten to the bottom of what exactly men and women are looking for in a mate.

All I can say is that you will not believe what men and women are looking for in a mate. If I put any stock in this survey at all then I can almost guarantee that I will never put myself in the dating scene again.

According to Dailymail, most women are looking for a blue-eyed doctor with a 'dad bod' to settle down with. Men, meanwhile, are in the market for blondes who make their living through freelance work and have a strategically-placed tattoo.

"People's preferences are clearly changing, as the results are different to a similar study taken two years ago, when women were more on the hunt for a high-paid businessman."

But wait, it gets better. Women still prefer their partners to have a firm grasp of French and enjoy swimming. They also preferred early birds to party animals and, just like men, were keen to find dog lovers.

If you are on the dating scene, all I can say is, "Good Luck!"

[via: Dailymail]

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