I want to quit Facebook. You want to quit Facebook. We all want to quit Facebook but no one can pull the trigger. Why?

It is going to take a group of scientists to figure out why we are so addicted to Facebook. Like they have nothing better to do than try and understand why we are on Facebook every waking second, and even sometimes while we are asleep.

According to Theconversation.com, a new study found out why we are so hopelessly addicted to Facebook. It's one reason and one reason only...we LOVE to silently judge our friends and we can't look away.

We like it so much that we are even willing to put up with all of the offensiveness and nonsense of our "friends". At some point we will get to judge them and feel superior to them.

Think about it, do we really care what they had for dinner or how long they worked out for??

So, until they come out with medication to battle Facebook, let the madness continue.

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