Binghamton, Maine Endwell and Norwich City Schools are among 78 school districts submitting plans for investing in technology to improve security and modernize learning that have been approved by New York State.

Getty Images/ Halfpoint
Getty Images/ Halfpoint

The districts are sharing over $59.8 million in Smart Schools Bond Act funding.

Projects approved for funding include high-tech security, internet connectivity, classroom technology and pre-kindergarten technology.

Districts are using their funding to invest in computer servers, interactive whiteboards, high-speed broadband and wireless connectivity as well as buying laptop and desktop computers.

Binghamton City Schools budgeted $1,219,619.  $609,813 is designated for pre-Kindergarten classrooms and $609,806 for high-tech security.

Maine-Endwell’s plans call for $1,144,000 to all go to high-tech security.

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Norwich City Schools is approved for $2,175,968. $79,266 is earmarked for school connectivity, $215,254 for classroom technology, $1,857,993 dollars for high-tech security and $23,455 dollars for non-public schools in the district.

The $2-billion Smart Schools Bond Act was authorized by New Yorkers in November of 2014.

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