Multiple local media reports say Maine Endwell School District officials are planning to appeal a ruling from the Section IV Athletic Council that would throw out almost all of the football team’s winning season due to a determination of an ineligible player.

The Council ruled that the first six games would have to be forfeited but the district is appealing that the student in question met residential requirements to be enrolled in the district and play for M-E.

WNBF News/Roger Neel Photo
WNBF News/Roger Neel Photo

A letter obtained by WBNG TV claims the student, who transferred from the Vestal School District in July, met the residency requirements to be considered a Maine-Endwell student athlete.

The Spartans’ season record prior to the ruling was six wins, one loss but that would change to one win and six losses if the ruling stands.  The student in question was not allowed to play October 22 so that win would still count.

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Also if the ruling stands, Chenango Forks would erase its only loss of the year and improve to seven-oh for the season.

Aside from the district rankings for football, the situation has personal implications for the player and his chances for college recruitment and scholarships.

There has been no date announced for a hearing on the district’s appeal.

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