I always get a kick out of people who argue over food preferences. I don't care if you eat your food in a dog dish. I always say, "whatever makes you happy!"

Buzzfeed, conducted a survey to find out how we prefer certain foods. We do take our food seriously. How do you eat your pizza? That's a tricky question...because if it's really hot I will use a fork. But, if it's not, I will eat it normally. Here are the findings from the survey:

1.  Should pizza be eaten with a knife and fork, or your hands?  92% say hands.

2.  Should ketchup be used on eggs?  73% say no.

3.  Which are better:  Soft-shell tacos or hard-shell tacos?  64% say soft shell.

4.  Is mayo a good condiment?  66% say yes.

5.  And should mac-and-cheese be eaten with a fork or a spoon?  75% say fork.

Do you agree with the majority or the minority? The only thing I can say that I don't do is put ketchup on eggs. Other than that, I don't have a preference with food. As, long as it rhymes with pizza, I'm happy.

[via: Buzzfeed]

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