Dating is not only difficult, it can be downright impossible. To top it all off, how do you know if she is even into you at all? Here are some ways to tell.

Unless a girl comes right out and tells me that she likes me, I assume she doesn't. The bad thing about that is I could be missing out on something special, and who wants that.

Men's Health has outlined some covert female signs that scream "I like you!"

  • I rub my lips together often in your presence.
  • I sit at the edge of my seat.
  • Instead of merlot, I order a Corona, which, conveniently, is severed in a bottle -- the better to sexily sip from.
  • My speech pattern is starting to resemble, like, Kim Kardashian's.
  • You smoke. I don't. Yet I'm talking to you.
  • I touch you (for any reason) more than once.
  • I laugh, frequently and nervously, even amid humorless conversation.
  • I use your name often in conversation.
  • I tell you that you look like some particular celebrity, which means I think both you and the celebrity are very hot.
  • The place is a rod-fest, yet I'm talking to you and you alone.
  • My cell phone rings and I don't answer it. And I turn off my ringer immediately.

Now, don't think that she wants you to put a ring on her finger just because she sits on the edge of her seat, but it could mean she would like to get to know you better.

Good luck!

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