I love when people ask me if I was on a deserted island, what items I would bring. The answer is never anything essential.

It does seem like the number one item is ALWAYS the same though...the internet.

A saw a survey in Entrepreneur.com, and researchers recently gave people a list of 50 different things we take for granted every day.  And they had to rank them according to how important they are.

Here are the top 10 luxuries we can't live without . . .

1.  The Internet.  Almost everyone put it at the top.

2.  Your phone.

3.  Your pets.

4.  A washer and dryer.

5.  A nice, big mattress.

6.  At least one vacation a year

7.  Beauty and skincare products.

8.  A dishwasher.

9.  A microwave.

10.  Eating out at restaurants.

A few luxuries people said they COULD live without are really nice towels . . . flying first class . . . tickets to sporting events . . . having food delivered . . . and paying for someone to clean your place.

When I was younger and asked the same question I would always put a cute girl on the top of my list. My, how times have changed.

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