The other day I was relaxing at home and nothing was on TV. So, I started looking through my movie collection and grabbed The Rewrite.

I put the DVD in and watched it...again. I love how much of Binghamton is featured in the movie.

Binghamton University graduate Marc Lawrence wrote and directed The Rewrite. It is a romantic comedy that stars Hugh Grant and Marisa Tomei.

A lot of it was filmed right here in Binghamton. There was a lot of hype when the filming was going on, and some people even had the chance to meet Hugh Grant during his time here while filming.

To me, it is very cool to see all of the scenes that were shot right here in the Binghamton area, and all of the mentions of Binghamton University. Marc Lawrence calls this movie his “love letter” to Binghamton. He loved his time here and had many fond memories.

I saw the movie when it was released and think that it is very cool to own a copy of what will become Binghamton history.

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