Have you seen The Rewrite yet
The other day I was relaxing at home and nothing was on TV. So, I started looking through my movie collection and grabbed The Rewrite.
I put the DVD in and watched it...again. I love how much of Binghamton is featured in the movie.
Binghamton University graduate Marc Lawrence wrote and directed The Re…
Famous BU Alumni
Over the years, we have heard about some cool and famous people who attended Binghamton University. We might have even been lucky enough to meet one or some of them over the years.
Actor Billy Baldwin makes it back to Binghamton every once in a while...
Nickleback stops drunk drivers
Have you ever been Nicklebacked? I hope not. The band doesn't know it but they are helping stop drunk driving.
According to the Toronto Star, Canadian police in a small Prince Edward Island town have come up with a most interesting way to deter drunk drivers...

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