One of the biggest rappers (or "Rockstar" if you prefer) in the music business has a direct tie to the Southern Tier.

Post Malone has loads of hits (See "Rockstar", "Circles", "White Iverson"), and many people already know that the singer, whose real name is Austin Post, was born just up the road in Syracuse before moving to Texas when he was nine years old, according to his IMDB page.

However, Post's upstate New York roots run even deeper than that.

On an episode of the h3h3 podcast, revealed that his grandparents are from Walton, New York. Take a look below (this revelation comes at the 11:25 mark):

In the podcast, Post reveals that his grandparents are from Walton. Yes, that Walton, as in the Walton that is in Delaware County, just down the road from Binghamton. It also says this on Post's IMDB page as well.

He didn't really dive too much into memories of his grandparents or Walton too much, although he did talk about trying to snowboard on his flat lawn as a kid and being scared of fireworks as a kid.

However, it's always cool to find out that there are celebrities that hail from upstate New York!



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