If you've been with your boyfriend or girlfriend for a few years now, you may wonder if that "spark" is gone. Bustle has come up with a great list of things that happy, long-term couples still do with one another, so try bringing that "spark" back with one of these things.

  • They are affectionate and proud to be so. That doesn't mean excessive P.D.A. in the park, but a long, meaningful hug or a kiss that reminds you of the first one that you shared together. Embrace your love for each other.
  • They still notice the little things like when your partner wears the shirt that brings out their eyes, or they see when you've painted your nails a different color than usual.
  • They share adventures whether that's a vacation in the desert or a midnight trip to the only 24-hour grocery store in town to satisfy a craving for ice cream. Making memories keeps things exciting, and bonds the two of you.

Relationships may take work and effort, but if the other person is worth it to you, you'll know when to make that effort.

(via Bustle)

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