A married guy's first instinct is to do anything around the house to help his wife and score some "brownie points." But, you might want to rethink that if you want any action in the bedroom.

Instead of doing the dishes or vacuuming, you should go outside and change the oil in the car or do yard work...something more traditionally male related. That is of course if you want more time with her in the bedroom.

According to the Daily Mail, it doesn't mean you get to sit around and watch sports all day. Married men who do more traditionally female housework, including cooking, cleaning and shopping, have less sex than husbands who don't.

Researchers found that husbands, whose average age was 46, and wives, with an average age of 44, spent a combined 34 hours a week on traditionally female chores. Couples spent an additional 17 hours a week on chores usually thought of as men's work. Husbands performed about one-fifth of traditionally female tasks and a little more than half of the male-type work.

This suggests that wives help out with men's chores more often than husbands help with female tasks. Men and women reported having sex about five times, on average, in the month prior to the survey. But marriages in which the wife does all the traditionally female tasks reported having had sex about 1.6 times more per month than those where the husband does all the traditionally female chores.

Why do women have to be so difficult to understand? But, if you can figure them out maybe you should write a book about it.

[via: Daily Mail]

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