You could be with your partner for years at this point, but maybe you don't know everything about your significant other or at least not as much as you think that you do. Bustle says that there are some really interesting questions that you can ask your partner over dinner some evening to hopefully get to know them just a little bit more.

  • "What scares you the most?" And we're not talking about snakes or heights when asking this question. Digging a little bit deeper regarding fears and what you and your partner are both afraid of could help you both feel closer and bond with each other.
  • "What's the one thing that you would change from your past?" We have all made mistakes in our past and maybe there is one particular mistake that still kind of haunts you. Talking about it with your partner may help you feel better about your mistake as well as you two could be brought closer as you discuss your pasts.
  • "What are your biggest dreams for us as a couple?" Because planning for the future together as a couple can be really exciting to talk about, and hopefully you and your significant other agree on where your relationship is going.

Some of the best conversations can spawn from any one of these questions or others like it. I know that I have some wonderful memories of just conversations with my fiancé, so hopefully these questions can help create memories for your relationship.

(via Bustle)

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