Committing to someone forever seems terrifying to some people. They can commit to a career, to friends, to an entire lifestyle, but to another person? No way. Brit.Co has a few ways to help combat a fear of commitment when it comes to romantic relationships.

  • Unload your story and discover where this fear comes from. Maybe you had divorced parents? Think deeply about your past experiences and that will help you understand your present thoughts.
  • Is it you or them? Sometimes it's not just a fear of commitment in general, but just a fear of commitment to the person that you are currently with.
  • Track your thoughts to see where this idea stems from. If you're single, that means thinking about why you love the freedoms that you have and what that means if you ever do find someone. If you're in a relationship, that means thinking about how you feel about the commitments you've already made to that other person.

If you're with someone, their patience may be running thin on waiting for you to decide if you want to commit or not. Any decision you make could be scary, but it's worth exploring why you feel the way that you do.

(via Brit.Co)

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