Summer time can be pretty chaotic with everyone wanting to make plans to enjoy the nice weather, but sometimes that can make it hard to squeeze in quality time with your partner. Bustle, and sex expert Candice Smith, explains that there are things you can do this week to get closer to your partner.

  • Wear something of theirs as a nice reminder of them even if you can't be with them at that moment. Whether it's their sweatshirt to the gym or a bracelet of theirs to work with you. That little reminder will help you feel close to your partner even if they aren't close by.
  • Make a meal together even something as easy as pasta and sauce, preparing a meal with your significant other can show both of you how you work together to accomplish a task, and then being able to enjoy the finished meal together will feel all the more satisfying.
  • Go away for the weekend if you can take the time away from your busy schedules for a few days to focus on each other. Even if you just get a bed and breakfast in the next county or explore locally, it can be a lot of fun to be with just each other.

Life can get in the way of your relationship some times, but it's never good to become complacent. Always try to put your partner first because they should always be your biggest fan and supporter.

(via Bustle)

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