Forky is the star of Toy Story 4 and with that comes many toys and stuffed animals. There is one Forky plush toy that is being recalled due to a potential choking hazard. If you have seen Toy Story 4, you know that the star of the new Disney animated movie is Forky who thinks he's trash. Well, Disney is sending out a recall for a plush Forky that may be just that.

According to USA Today, Disney has issued a voluntary recall of their Forky stuffed animal because of a possible choking hazard. The googly eyes on the toy could detach and could be choked on by kids three and younger according to The Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Forky is pretty popular too. Eighty thousand of the plush toys were sold in the United States. These are the eleven-inch dolls with poseable arms and a rainbow on the top of his foot.

Forky was sold at Disney Theme Parks, Disney Stores, online at, and on Amazon Marketplace through the Disney Store starting in April to June. They retail for about twenty dollars.

If you have the plush Forky, you should return it to get a full refund. You can go to your local Disney Store or Theme Park Store. You can also call 866-537-7649.

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