I can't and I won't personally recommend that you consume anything that could potentially risk your health, especially when it involves expired foods, but I will tell you that food safety experts say all you really need to do is use some common sense and your nose to know what's safe to eat and what really should be tossed. The Daily Mail has compiled a list of foods that are safe to eat past their expiration date and these are four of those foods.

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    I mean, if you keep it long enough, your chocolate will grow funky looking white spots that look a lot worse than they really are. Those spots are actually crystallized sugar and totally safe to eat.

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    Again, whether or not you take this advice from food experts is completely up to you. Those who know way more about egg safety say that if you keep your eggs at 41 degrees or colder, they'll last three to five weeks past the expiration date.

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    Dry Pasta

    This is definitely good for people who stock up on pasta when it's on sale like I do. Experts say as long as you've got your dry pasta stored in a sealed container where no moisture can get to it, you can pretty much eat that pasta whenever you want. In other words, you might want to take it out of its box and store it in a tall glass or plastic jar.

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    Ugh, my mom used to make us drink expired milk all the time and I still can't stomach the thought of it. It wasn't like mom was serving us chunky milk, but it wasn't uncommon to drink milk that was a week or so past its expiration. Experts say sour milk isn't going to make you sick, but that you should put the container in the coldest part of your fridge to help it stay fresh longer.

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