First dates can be absolutely terrifying or absolutely amazing, and unfortunately, a lot of why that is has to do with the conversation. Brit.Co put together a list of conversation starters that are perfect for a first date.

  • "What's on your bucket list?" which will say a lot about a person and what they want to do in life. If they want to go skydiving and heights scare you, maybe you'll be filming them from the ground as they cross that one off their list.
  • "What is the story behind your name?" is a question that will get them talking because most people would not normally ask it. Maybe it was their grandfather's best friend's name, or the name of the nurse who was there at the delivery. You never know!
  • "What's your favorite place in the entire world?" which could be a city, a country, a small backyard fort that they had as a child.

These kinds of questions have the potential to really get the conversation going. Hopefully your first date will lead to a second and third.

(via Brit.Co)

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