Who knew we would have to put so much thought into running to the grocery story to pick up a few items. But, the next time you go grocery shopping make sure you are well rested.

I have always heard that if you are hungry don't go grocery shopping. It is so true. I find myself doing that once in a while and when I get home my kitchen is full of fattening foods and snacks instead of what is good for me.

When you shop hungry you tend to get foods that are not the best choices but rather something you want in the moment.

Well, now you can add not shopping when you are tired to the list. Do not shop when you're sleepy.

You are more likely to purchase high calorie grub it you are tired, a Swedish study reports. Sleep deprived me bought an average of 1,319 more calories' worth of food than well rested guys did. Why? After a poor night's sleep, your stomach produces extra ghrelin, an appetite hormone that can make food seem more appealing, says study author Christian Benedict, Ph.D.


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