Are there some topics of conversation that you always try to avoid when you're with your partner? Brit.Co has a few good reasons why you should have these conversations and how you can get to the truth.

  • Staying quiet isn't healthy and it could eat you up inside if there is something bothering you. Speaking up is hard to do sometimes, but communication is key to a healthy relationship.
  • You care too much which is something of a double-edge sword. You care too much to have tough conversations with your loved one, but it's because you care too much that you should be having these kinds of discussions.
  • You don't like conflict and it's natural to want to avoid fighting with your partner if you think these kinds of sensitive topics may lead to a spat, but remember that approaching the hard conversations now will be less painful than later when the problem is worse.

Speaking up is hard to do sometimes, but broaching tough topics is healthy for relationships, and communication can only strengthen between you two from there.

(via Brit.Co)

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