As growing teenagers, it was very obvious if we went a full day without showering because our hormones were overproducing oils and smells that those around us were a little turned off by. Bustle figured out that as adults, showering and washing our hair less frequently is actually much healthier than using soap and shampoo every day.

The Genetic Science Centre at the University of Utah says that there is evidence now that suggests that showering too much hurts the human microbiome. What that means is that we're cleaning both the good and bad bacteria from our bodies and that's doing more harm than good.

Around the world, showering daily is not the norm for many people. We shower more often than people in China, Japan, and England, but less often than our friends in Brazil and Colombia.

When we shower every day, we erode the natural ecology going on on our bodies, but if we let the bacteria develop and thrive, they do some crazy and good for us stuff!

(via Bustle)

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