How many times have you mentally shrunk into your chair at the salon when your hairdresser has asked what type of shampoo you use? You know there’s no use in lying and saying you use the expensive stuff because they know different and want to hear the words come out of your mouth. So, you squeak out the name of a brand that makes them raise their eyebrows.

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We’ve all been there and there’s a reason that our hairdressers are concerned with what we put into our hair. A lot of shampoos (and conditioners, too) claim to be good for your hair, but in reality, there are often not all that many vitamins and minerals packed into the shampoo and instead, they're loaded with chemicals that do more damage than good.

A lawsuit was filed in November against a particular shampoo and somehow managed to fly under the radar. Until now. Now, the world has suddenly started to learn about the lawsuit and there are a lot of questions regarding its legitimacy.

On December 3, Facebook user Shevelle Finney posted of her alleged experience of hair loss after using Tresemme shampoo. In the post, Finney wrote,

I have very long thick curly hair that is now half the thickness it was this time last year. It has been falling out by the brush full and in the shower. I just chalked it up to the stress. I’ve used Tresemme shampoo for years it’s the only thing that tames my hair. Well guess what… I got a phone call from my mother tonight telling me to stop using it. She just got an email about a new class action lawsuit against Tresemme shampoo for having ingredients in it that make your hair fall out.

While we can’t confirm whether or not Finney has truly experienced hair loss, we can confirm that there is a lawsuit regarding TRESemmé Keratin Smooth products and that it was filed by Emily Castillo of Illinois on November 16, 2020. The lawsuit alleges that the Keratin shampoos contain a preservative named DMDM hydantoin. When DMDM hydantoin comes in contact with water, it is known to leach formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is known for being a human carcinogen that can lead to cancer and other harmful ailments when it absorbs into the skin.

Unilever, the parent company of  TRESemmé, has until February of 2021 to respond to the lawsuit.

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