If you're like me, you find bruises on yourself and can never remember what it was that even caused it to form. I bruise so easily! Bustle says that bruising easily could mean something to your health.

  • You're deficient in vitamin K so eat your carrots and dark green vegetables! Along with bruising, you might find that you have bone density loss and excessive bleeding as well, so this could be something to look further into.
  • You have sun damage because too much exposure to the sun can cause your blood vessels to break more easily than those who stay indoors more often. Sun damage can lead to other complications and troubles, so get your skin looked at by a professional if you think you spend too much time outside without proper skin protection.
  • Your blood platelet count is low which sounds really scary. If you have trouble getting cuts to stop bleeding or frequently get nose bleeds, this could be why you're bruising so easily.

While these bruises that you get could mean nothing at all, it could also mean something that could affect your health. You (and I) should get checked out by your doctor to see if these bruises mean something worse.

(via Bustle)

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