The response from every woman who I have mentioned this to is pretty much the same, “wait, what?!” There is an actual new trend for future dads, and it’s called a Dad-Chelor Party.

What is a dad-chelor party? Well, according to ABC News, it’s just a bachelor party but instead of for a guy who is getting married, it’s for a guy who is going to be a dad. This is their “last hurrah” before their babies are born.

Whether you want to call this a man-shower, or a bachelor party part two, the thinking is that his life is going to be changing just as much as the mother’s. It’s not just an excuse for a little guy time, it’s also a celebration in anticipation of the new baby.

"At one 'dad-chelor' party there was an entrance fee of a pack of diapers."

So, what happens at this “Dad-Chelor” party? It can be anything from a trip to Las Vegas, a fishing trip or even just a little rest and relaxation with the guys.

Alright ladies, what do you think of this new trend? I would love to hear from you!

[via: ABC News]

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