I love snow probably more than the average person in the Southern Tier does, but even so, I'm getting a little tired of this cold weather. I want to stay inside my house all day with a cup of tea and just be warm. Here are a few ways to cozy up your bedroom for days when you can just stay home and be warm.

  • Darker hues because it makes your space feel smaller and cozier in the winter months as opposed to the brighter colors you use in the summer time that make your space look more alive. It will make your bedroom feel like more of an oasis for you to escape to.
  • Aromatherapy is something to give a try. A little bit of lavender in a diffuser before bedtime could do wonders for how you sleep. If you're feeling a little more tired than usual one morning, citrus oils could help perk you up!
  • Blankets and texture because nothing says "cozy" as much as a pile of blankets and pillows waiting for you to cuddle into at the end of the day.
  • Adjusting the lighting and consider getting a dimmer switch which will set the mood for sleeping, reading, whatever else you'd like to do.

In no time, you'll be like me and want to hibernate all winter long.

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