Personal expression in your home is just as important as personal expression in your wardrobe. People want to step into your house and be able to understand you just a little bit more. Pop Sugar has a few ideas that I like about how to express yourself in your home décor.

  • Mix your favorite patterns and textures, after all, this is your house so you should like the way it looks! Mixing and matching creates a style as unique as you.
  • Use scent by picking a smell that you particularly like and infuse it within your home with a plug-in or a few candles around the home. Make it something you won't get sick of, and something people will come to look forward to smelling when they come back to visit.
  • Try original photography or artwork to personalize your space. If you have a photo that you took of your parents that you really, really love, pair it with a photo of when they were first dating and mount them on the wall for a wonderful art piece.

Let your home really represent who you are, and let your creativity soar!

(via Pop Sugar)

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