For a lot of us, having dealbreakers can help to establish boundaries in relationships about what we will and will not accept from a partner. Bustle says that there are some common dealbreakers that men (more than women) have, and if you're out in the dating pool right now, maybe you should be aware of them.

  • An awkward first date more than likely will not turn into a second date. If you don't talk as much as your date wants you to, or you talk too much and control the conversation, you may not get the chance to redeem yourself with your date.
  • No sense of humor or worse, a mismatched sense of humor, can break two people off before they even get started. More than any other attribute, most men (and women) prefer a partner that they can laugh with. So if your date can recite the lines in every South Park episode ever produced, but you can't name the lead characters, you may not get a second date.
  • Lack of ambition especially when you have definite life goals planned out for yourself and your future, but your date goes by the seat of their pants and maybe can't hold down a job, you might not be compatible, and that could very well be a dealbreaker.

The dealbreakers for people will vary, but sharing a good laugh and not having to feel awkward during your date because you can't get your date to talk are two of the many things that help people establish relationships with each other.

(via Bustle)

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