Everywhere you look there are new diet tips and tricks that people suddenly swear by. Bustle has collected some of the worst ones that don't work and can even be dangerous for you if you do try them.

  • Drastically cutting calories can cause your metabolism to shut down. Most diets suggest restricting calories, but reducing your food intake too much can be dangerous and is definitely unsustainable.
  • Skipping meals is bad for you because it can lead to yo-yo dieting. There is no quick fix to being healthy. If you can't sustain your new diet, then it's not a healthy diet to try.
  • Cutting out all sugar and carbohydrates is, again, unsustainable. It is much more practical and often healthier to focus on portion control instead of food elimination. Consider adding in more vegetables and fruits instead of eliminating all together certain food groups.

Dieting is a tricky monster, but it's always best to try adding healthy habits into your life instead of eliminating foods all together from your diet. Restriction will often cause backpedaling, but implementation of better food habits are easier to incorporate.

(via Bustle)

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