If there is one thing that can ruin a relationship, it's infidelity. Here are some ways to make sure that doesn't happen.

According to Best Health, Since more and more women and men are cheating in their relationships, preventive measures might be the best way to make sure your partner stays loyal.

Here are tips on warding off infidelity:

  • Participate in your guy's personal passion, if he invites you to, and show him what makes you tick. No real connection can exist if it's a one-way street.
  • Be open to new ideas in bed or to simply having more sex. That doesn't mean agreeing to anything and everything he wants. But sex represents intimacy for men, so keep in mind how much getting it on matters to him.
  • Talk at least 10 minutes a day if you have to be apart. Sharing little day to day details creates the fabric of your life together, And no, text messages can't accomplish the same thing as hearing each other's voices can.
  • Suggest getting together with his female friend or coworker if he seems to mention her a lot. The women in question will be less likely to move in on your man if she knows and likes you.
  • Accompany him to evening activities, whether business or social, as much as possible, unless he's claiming a boys' night out. In general, when alcohol is flowing, tempting situations are more likely to crop up.

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