Your grandparents had some of the best advice, even if you never took it seriously. Bustle collected some of the best sayings from generations past, and maybe you should reconsider what your mother's mother once told you.

  • "Always be true to yourself" can be some of the most important advice. If you compromise and adjust too much in a relationship or at work, eventually you will not be able to recognize yourself, let alone the life that you're creating for yourself. Know your limits and stay true to what you believe in.
  • "Some people never change" is a saying that you may want to remember when your ex-partner comes crawling back to you after he sees how much better your life is without him. It is so hard to break bad habits, so remember that if you start to consider taking them back.
  • "Actions speak louder than words" while someone telling you that they love you or respect you is great, being shown just how much you mean to someone is so much more important.

While times change, there is still some great life advice that you can make a point of remembering and using when you find yourself needing some direction.

(via Bustle)

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