While caffeine will energize you, the more you consume it, the more you will need to drink it or eat it in order to feel the same effects. Bustle says that there are other great ways to boost your energy without caffeine.

  • Mint is a great herb to clear your nasal passages and give you that boost of energy that you're looking for. Infuse it into water or make yourself a cup of mint tea to really help you take on the day.
  • Exercise is not only a wonderful way to boost your mood and improve your posture, but it can (I swear!) increase your energy levels. Just a ten minute walk outside on your lunch hour at work can really get you out of the slump and finish off your work day strong instead of sluggish.
  • Water while it may not be as tasty as a mocha latte, many times when you're feeling tired, you're actually dehydrated, so drink up!

Coffee or chocolate can seem like an easy (and delicious!) fix for your depleting energy levels, but these other ways to boost your energy can help you in other ways, too, and will make your overall quality of life just that much sweeter!

(via Bustle)

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