When I get married next year, I will have been with my now-fiancé for almost four years, and living together for two and a half of those years. I can promise you that it has not always been exciting, but honestly, it's the times when we have been bored together that have been some of the best. Bustle explains that being bored in a relationship is actually a good thing.

  • It shows strength in your relationship because you two are so comfortable together and no longer feel some weird need to entertain the other person when they're around. Having there be a dull moment and still deciding to still be with your partner shows that there is a solid foundation to your relationship.
  • It creates a great time to ask questions and learn more about your partner when you find a brief lull in your relationship. It's amazing when you feel like you know everything about your significant other and then find something astonishingly new about them.
  • It allows you to get creative in order to stay connected with your partner. Whether you try a new hobby together or take off on an impromptu weekend vacation, being able to get creative with some you know so well can be much more exciting than doing something spontaneous with someone you just met.

You and your partner know each other so well that a little boredom can be welcoming because it's when the honeymoon phase fizzles out that you really get to know your significant other.

(via Bustle)

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