If you're traveling for the first time with your significant other or for the twentieth time, sometimes you two may disagree on something and start to argue. Bustle has a few ways in which to avoid fighting on vacation with your partner if something like that comes up.

  • If you tend to argue about money, make a plan for how you're going to spend while away and budget out appropriately to hopefully avoid any disagreements.
  • If poor planning sparks the bickering, try to communicate what your intentions are for the trip. If you want to go exploring, but your partner wants to schedule your days down to the minute, look to find a compromise.
  • If the fighting starts before you even leave because of packing, then suggest looking at your itinerary and see exactly what you will need for each day to make things a little bit easier and more efficient.

The easiest way to ruin a vacation (other than poor weather) is by arguing. Everything can be avoided by planning and communication. I'm sure your vacation wasn't cheap, so try not to waste the precious sun and sand by being mad at each other.

(via Bustle)

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