Cuffing season is when people who would otherwise rather be single "cuff" or tie themselves down during the colder months with someone else. When the warm weather resumes, the cuffing season ends. Bustle has a full list of why you should avoid the temptation of cuffing season.

  • It's emotionally risky because if one of you falls for the other one, but they don't fall as well then you're set-up for heartbreak once Spring hits.
  • Being single over the holidays can be fun and it can save you money because that is one less person to buy a gift for. When all of the holiday parties start happening, you can go solo and potentially meet someone great as well.
  • It's better to keep your options open instead of settling with someone who you don't like quite that much just to avoid being single.

Cuffing season is almost upon us, and if you find someone that you genuinely like and who likes you back, then great! But don't settle just so you don't have to make it through the holiday season alone.

(via Bustle)

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