It's easy to tell yourself that more of the same is better (and less scary) than something different or new. Bustle, and Michelle Henderson, LMHC, who is a relationship expert, explains why you might be in your relationship for the wrong reasons.

  • You're hopeful that things will change whether that be your partner's behavior or how they treat you. You cannot make anyone change who does not want to change, and waiting around for them to "open their eyes" will only leave you bitter and disappointed.
  • You're not a quitter and you refuse to give up. If you feel like people will look at you like a failure if you break things off with your significant other, remember that it's always harder and takes more courage to leave a bad relationship than to stay in one and settle for less.
  • You think being in a relationship is better than being alone which is just not true at all! Being able to be single is a strong trait to have and can honestly make your relationship that much more stronger. Feeling like you have to stay with someone out of fear of being single is not fair to your partner or yourself.

Fear of change, of being seen as a failure, or of being single are never good reasons to stay with your current partner. It's not fair to anyone involved, and it might be time to spread your wings and break up with your significant other.

(via Bustle)

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