I remember many New Year's Eve parties where I just wanted to make sure that I could kiss someone at midnight! Whether it was just a friend or not, it was always tough being (what felt like) the only person without someone to kiss. Brit.Co explains ways to avoid someone like me and make sure you don't wind up kissing someone you don't want to kiss at midnight.

  • Fake a cough as your odds are much lower of anyone wanting to kiss you if they think that you're sick because no one wants to start 2019 with a cold. Worse case scenario, have a coughing fit a couple minutes before midnight, and if you need to, make it last until 12:01am.
  • Be the photographer for someone else's New Year's kiss! If you're preoccupied with a camera at midnight, there's no way for your admirer to kiss you! They'll get over it or find someone else to kiss, but at least you're off the hook!
  • Refill your drink right as everyone else is counting down to midnight, sneak off to the kitchen and top off your glass. It'll be a good distraction for yourself and no one will really be able to find you for a minute or so to avoid any unwanted midnight kiss.

Whatever your reason for not wanting to kiss someone at midnight, being sly and stealthy to avoid your admirer might be better than to cause a confrontation at the party. If they are becoming aggressive though, address that with them directly and your host to make sure you stay safe.

(via Brit.Co)

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