With the weather being so cold recently, and naturally we're all bundling up more than usual, you may be noticing that your toes are hurting and sweating more than during the warmer months. Bustle has come up with ways to know if maybe your toes have fungus from their new lives in your snow boots.

  • You're prone to athlete's foot as it is, and if your parents tend to get it, then there's an even better chance that you may get it more easily/more often than the average. If you're toes are feeling more sensitive than usual, go see a doctor and get a diagnosis.
  • Your nails are yellow and not because you just got them painted yellow at the salon. The yellow usually starts at the cuticle and works its' way outward. Don't freak out, but definitely have it looked at.
  • Your nail is thick and it's harder to cut it than before. Again, see a doctor for advice and possibly a prescription to get rid of the problem.

Winter can be beautiful when you look outside, but bundling up like we do can put a lot of new pressures and pains on our toes as well as other parts of our body. If you notice changes, always consult a doctor.

(via Bustle)

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