This is a friendly reminder that Father's Day is coming up on Sunday. Are you surprised that most dads think Mother's Day outshines their special day?

According to, 81% of dads think that Mother's Day gets more attention than Father's Day. Does that surprise you? I'm not surprised.

After all, I don't know about your dad but my dad wants peace and quiet on Father's Day. And, his vocabulary is limited. He says few words but they mean so much. "What do you want?" "Why are you here?" "Don't you have your own house?"

I am just teasing. But, I do think dads are a little different than moms. A relaxing day in his favorite chair watching golf or whatever his sport of choice is will make dad a happy camper.

So, even though I am my dads 8th favorite child...even though he only has 7, I still wish him and all the dads reading this a Happy and Relaxing Father's Day.

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