Do you dread going to work in the morning? If you're questioning your job choice, Bustle has a few ways to tell if you should consider a new career.

  • You're not growing where you are anymore. If you've been with your company for three to five years and haven't gone anywhere, think about what you've brought to the table. If you're feeling unsatisfied, you might want to consider a change.
  • You're considering graduate school as a way out of the workforce (for the time being). More schooling is great if you need it, but don't put yourself into debt as a way out of a job that you don't like.
  • Your work doesn't align with your goals or values even if you're making a lot of money, you still feel unfulfilled in your workplace. If you're thinking about changing companies or careers, this is something you might want to follow your gut on.

If you're wondering whether your job is right for you, maybe these signs will help you figure this out for you.

(via Bustle)

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