There are a lot of ways you can tell if your significant other doesn't prioritize you and the relationship. Bustle, and Jonathan Bennett who is a relationship expert from Double Trust Dating, explain some things that you might be noticing in your partner that can tell you that they don't put you first in their lives.

  • They won't make long term plans which is probably because they don't know how long you two will be dating. If they took the relationship seriously than planning something more than a week ahead would not scare them or turn them off.
  • They won't share important moments with you such as their birthday or holidays. Either they are worried about introducing you to friends and family members, or they don't see you as a permanent fixture in their life yet and don't want to have you in photos that they will always want to look at.
  • They won't call you when they have big news (good or bad) to share such as a promotion or the death of a family member. If your partner has someone else or other people that they think to go to first for encouragement and support instead of you, then they probably don't think of the relationship as anything serious.

If you and your partner are not on the same page about your relationship with one another then there is a serious conversation that you two should have in order to figure out what you mean to one another. Are you two just drinking buddies? Only hooking up? Do they see you as more? You should try to figure that out.

(via Bustle)

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