Summer is here!  The NY Post put together a list of the top 10 most common summer fails...but are they really fails?

One man's trash is another man's treasure.  You've heard that one before.  But let's be honest, that fits when it comes to fails too.  Something that one person might consider a fail is often a win in someone else's book.

Take for instance this list of the Top 10 Common Summer Fails that was put together by the NY Post.  You'll see that I agree with some of this list.  Some of them are actually fails.  If you didn't see it, here is the list, and the reasons why they could actually be wins:

1.  Watching too much TV and missing out on the fun - The only fail here is missing out on the fun.  In the summer, I just want to relax...sometimes that means just sitting in front of a TV for hours on end.

2.  Not wearing a hat in the sun - Agree

3.  Not sleeping enough - Summer only lasts a small amount of time in Buffalo.  You gotta get in the fun while you can.  You might be tired...but not sleeping enough in the summer is a win.

4.  Not reapplying sunscreen - Agree

5.  Sitting all day instead of being active. - See "fail" #1.

6.  Not putting on eye cream - I've never once put on eye cream.  I don't even know what this does.

7.  Staring at our phones all day - Agree

8.  Being TOO active outside - Ok...if this means overexerting yourself with exercise, I get it.  But again, we only get nice weather for a little amount of time.  We have to take advantage while we can.  I've never heard someone say, "Man...I failed, I was outside swimming every day this summer." If you want to be and you can be active - win.

9.  Wearing tight, dark-colored clothes - Don't judge clothing choices.  We wear what fits best.

10.  And drinking too much alcohol in the sun - When I picture summer vacation, that statement is exactly what I picture.  The fail comes if you drink too much and then drive.  But drinking in the sun is often what I dream of.  (I know you shouldn't ever drink excessively...especially in the sun.  It's bad for you.)

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