For most Americans, their cell phones are never more than an arm's reach away. Brit.Co believes that this could be the cause of many relationship troubles for us because many other countries do not have this issue with technology.

It is a matter of preferring human interaction over staring at one's cell phone. Phubbing is a real thing which means snubbing someone in the room you're in in favor of your phone.

The French, as was discovered, like to keep their phones outside of the bedroom, and for us Americans, they believe that is why we tend to have relationship issues surrounding sex.

If your partner is far more into their cell phone than into you, especially when you are in the room with them, then what could that really say about your relationship with them? It is as if a third person is in your relationship, and you are the third wheel of the bunch. No one likes that.

Consider dedicating a time with your partner where you two both agree to "disconnect", whether that be dinner together every night or deciding that your bedroom be "phone-free". See what works and hopefully American relationships will start to improve!

(via Brit.Co)

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