I really thought that this was a dream when I read it. But, it's not. There is a new workout routine that involves taking a nap, and it's called "Napercize."

I know what you are thinking. It has to be a joke. But, it is not.

According to Huffington Post, there is a gym in England that has created this new workout called "Napercize." You go to the gym, head into one of the class studios . . . and then everyone takes a 45-minute nap.  You also do some stretches before or after, but I bet those are optional.

The gym says the class, quote, "reinvigorates the mind, improves moods, and even burns the odd calorie." The gym is preaching to the choir. I agree 100%!

I want to be the spokesperson for "Napercize!"

If you are not sure if you could handle taking a Napercize class, click HERE for some tips on how to take the perfect nap.


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