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We all have a nice variety of friends. Some, make us laugh, some are there when we need to be serious. And, then there are the mean ones. They care the most.

Sometimes, the last thing we want is for someone in our circle of friends to be mean and blunt. But, it turns out that we need them the most.

A new study from the New York Post found that your meanest friend just might care about you the most of any of your friends. And the reason they're being mean is because they really, really want what's best for you in life, so they're not going to mince words when they feel like you're straying off a good path.

"These findings . . . help us to understand why we sometimes may try to make our loved ones feel bad, if we perceive this emotion to be useful to achieve a goal."

We are all right now thinking of that friend that is considered the "mean one" in the group, but now we know that they just care about you.


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