Reading can transport you into new worlds. And don't you remember how wonderful that felt as a child? Then suddenly you grew up and you forgot all about how great reading is. Bustle has come up with a few good reasons as to why you should start a book club.

  • You will make new friends (and not just the fictional kind) because you can encourage your friends to invite their friends into the club to read the same book and come to discuss it with everyone.
  • It will help you to diversify your book collection and read stories you never would have thought you would before! Expanding your horizons is always a good thing.
  • You can debate about something other than politics which I think we're all very tired about at this point. Debating is a healthy habit, but I am just so exhausted from hearing and reading all about U.S. politics these days.
  • You get to read more wonderful books! That should be reason enough, right?

Book club could easily become your favorite night of the week. You never know, so give it a try!

(via Bustle)

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