Not too long ago, the word "selfie" did not even exist. But do you even remember a time before you took so many photos of yourself to share with friends and family on social media? Bolde is proclaiming that we all need to stop taking so many selfies of ourselves, and here's why.

  • No one cares which I'm sure sounds harsh, but we wouldn't be friends with you if we didn't know what you look like, and honestly, we don't particularly need your face clogging up our timelines.
  • The number of likes you get should not be correlated to your self-worth even though for a lot of us, it definitely is. Try to seek out other ways to find value in yourself that don't have anything to do with how others see you.
  • Everyone knows that you're humblebragging and no one believes that you #wokeuplikethis, I'm sorry.
  • You should be embarrassed to do this in public especially if you're somewhere trying to take a photo and snap sixty before you get one that you like. I hate to break it to you, but people are laughing at you over this.

A photo every once in a while is fine. Maybe you got a new hair cut or style that you want to show off. However, how you look should not be what you are known for. Cut down your selfie-taking time and consider picking up a new, more fulfilling hobby.

(via Bolde)

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