OK, this is quite literally my worst nightmare.

NDTV in India is reporting that a 2-year-old boy in Shanghai locked his mom’s phone for half a century. I seriously didn’t know this was possible. But it is. And it’s horrible.

Apparently, if you type your IPhone code in wrong enough times, the phone locks for a short period of time. But here’s the scary part: The time is apparently cumulative. So keep trying wrong passwords, and the lockout gets longer and longer. Even worse: It’s not just cumulative; the time that gets added to the total increases after each failed attempt.

This is how a 2-year-old locked the phone up for 47 years. I guess there were some games on the thing his mother was letting him play.

Well Mom waited 2 months to see if the situation would improve; it didn’t. Apparently, you can only restore your phone to a previously saved point--IF you remembered to back it up.

There’s a moral to this story, people. Never, ever trust a 2-year-old. They’re out to get you. Like cats. And garden gnomes.

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