When it comes to good looks, New York is ranked among the nation's most attractive states.

That's right. When it comes to attractiveness, Zippia says New York's population is the 5th most attractive in the United States. Yes, we are that good looking!

Zippia formulated these rankings by scoring the states based on obesity rates, how much residents exercise, income, self-care and more. Zippia said attractiveness is subjective so they based their scores on "...some common traits people find appealing in a mate.

So basically, this is not a study based on what one may perceive as true beauty, but what one may do to take care of themselves or what they may do for a living. And yes this whole exercise may seem shallow, but when you land as high as New York, who cares? We will take the compliment!

So who could possibly be better looking than us New Yorkers? New Jersey (Yes, really.) landed at number one on the list, followed by Hawaii, California and Massachusetts. Mississipii got the honor of being the nation's least attractive state. You can see the full Zippia state attractiveness rankings here.

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