We're officially halfway through our first full week of 2020 and if you're feeling the creep of guilt for not setting a New Year's resolution but you don't want to commit yourself to anything too strenuous, you might want to put yoga on your list.

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If you think that yoga is only for flexible, young people- think again! Yoga is amazing for people of all shapes, sizes, and flexibilities. Not only that, but research by Harvard found that doing yoga might really help manage and improve heart problems.

Everyone knows that yoga improves muscle strength and flexibility, but researchers have learned that yoga also cuts down on cardiovascular disease risk factors which is pretty amazing when you think about it: yoga appears to provide the same heart health benefits that more physical activities like running or biking do.

Harvard researchers believe that people enjoy positive effects from yoga because yoga helps reduce stress, and when stress is reduced, the body is allowed to heal and strengthen.

Interested in giving yoga a try, but rather do it from the privacy of your own home? Maybe think about buying this DVD which gives some suggestions on how to best use yoga for heart health and then once you've got the hang of it and are more comfortable, think about joining a yoga studio.

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